Thursday, August 4, 2011

Oral Communication In English

“Oral Communication in English: Form, Function, and Strategies in the Malaysian Context”

Communication is an important part of our lives. Communication, just like love, makes the world go round.Communication enables us to improve our skills at interacting with people. People who are good communicators tend to do better in their careers.We communicate everyday with different people, at different times, in different ways. We Communicate with ourselves in our thoughts. We also communicate with our family, friends, people at work, and people we meet, socially or professionally.At times we may even need to communicate with a larger audience such as members of the public.
English has become an important language in Malaysia as the society starts realizing the importance of the use of English in this new millennium. It is not only the English language that has been a major concern nowadays, but also orall communication skills in order to become competent in communicating with the rest of the world.


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